group lessons

Group surf lessons are available all year round and depending on the location usually run for 1.5 to 2 hours.

Group lessons are a great place to start, before moving on to private lessons where you can improve your skills after learning the basics.

Our group surf lessons are generally small, allowing your coach to give you lots of help and pointers in the water.

Group Surf Lessons
Private Surf Lessons

Private lessons

Private lessons are available for all age groups. If you bring a mate or a group to a private lesson, the price comes down too!

Private lessons are tailored to your skill level and our coaches will chat to you before-hand so that you can get the most out of your lesson.

Most locations have several different breaks where we can take you, depending on what you are looking to learn.

adult surf lessons

Group adult surf lessons operate all year round at our locations across the country.

Learning to surf has no age restriction, even our oldest customers have been in their 80’s!

Some group lessons will have both adults and kids, depending on the package purchased. We also have ladies only adult lessons.

Kids surf lessons

Surfing can be a fun, safe and rewarding activity for kids as young as 5.

Our instructors will teach them all the necessary water skills and give them the confidence to ride their first wave in no time.

We offer learn to surf programs for kids at most locations, please check the booking pages for more information.

Surf tours

Planning a trip up the east coast? Contact us for more information! We put together tailored surfing packages for your group and can offer lessons at multiple locations. Even if you are not after lessons and just need a guide, we most likely have a package for you!

Adventure Guides

There’s no better way to experience a new area than though a local’s eyes. After your surf lesson, let our adventure guides share their passion for surfing, the lifestyle, the community with you via a locally created guided adventure!

Adventures range from the physical to non physical cultural experiences. They are all vetted by SVN Seas and aim to provide our customer and community with a way of connecting on a much more intimate level. So expect to see adventures covering land, water and air with a priority on the natural environment because its all about getting out and about.

what’s included?

All equipment including boards, rashies and wetsuits and of course your experienced and qualified surf instructor will be included.

Just bring your booking voucher, (on your phone or printed) own towel, beachwear, water and don’t forget to put on lots of sunscreen!

Feel free to bring your own camera too and you are welcome to share your pictures at #svnseasco and

If you want to bring your own board, that’s ok at most locations but you’ll just need to check with your instructor before the lesson.

What will you learn

We offer lessons for beginners, intermediate and professional surfers.


Beginner surf lessons focus on all the important steps leading up to standing up on your first wave.

You’ll learn to handle your board in the surf and ocean safety. You’ll also learn to read the conditions and what to do if you find your-self in trouble.

Most of all, our beginner surf lessons will teach you all the fun parts including how to paddle and catch some waves!

Your instructors are there to help with every step, and ready to answer any of your questions.

At most locations, you’ll receive a nice soft board for your first lesson and when you are ready your instructor will help you move on to some different boards, depending on the wave and your own style.


Before you know it, you’ll be stoked with your new passion and heading to the beach at every opportunity!

When ready, our coaches will help you with riding different wave types, different boards, learning maneouvers and negotiating crowds.

performance coaching

We offer performance surf coaching programs to learn new maneuvers and strategies for competition level.

We can also include video coaching, so you can develop and assess your skills out of the water.

We have the coaches with experience to get you there. Please contact us for more information.

who are your coaches?

Whether you are at the beginning of your learn to surf journey or just looking to improve your skills we have surf coaches across the country to help you discover and be a part of this healthy lifestyle.

All our coaches are hand-picked, qualified, well trained, helpful and friendly.

They’re in it for thrill of surfing and love to share it with as many people as they can.

All our coaches working with children will have their necessary blue card and all health and safety qualifications.

why us?

Surfing is a lifestyle, we want to share this with you and continue to inspire you on your surfing journey through our digital ecosystem.

Through the eyes of well-travelled surfers and ocean enthusiasts we’ll deliver you engaging content offering advice on places to visit, things to do and lots of surfing lifestyle related content.


Learn to surf anywhere in Australia and continue surfing around the world

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