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Sunscreen is Crucial for any Surfer

A good sunscreen is a crucial part of any surfer’s life. Hours logged in the ocean by default mean long hours out on sunny days. Sunny days mean UV(ultraviolet rays). Surfers are at high risk for contracting skin cancer. UV rays, sand, and water reflection can be responsible for severe skin damage. Damage can occur in as short a time as 15 minutes.

You’re at the highest risk for skin damage in Spring in Summer, between 10-4 during the day. UV radiation destroys the skin’s DNA which creates mutations leading to skin cancer. This damage may not show up for several years, by which point it’s too late.


While zinc is a preferred choice for your face, it’s not practical for your whole body so choose a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects from both UVA or UVB protection. Sunscreens either are a chemical block, or a physical block (like zinc).

Sunscreen should be applied every 2 hours to ensure optimal protection, and anything higher than 15SPF is best. Higher than 30 isn’t usually better, as your sweat and water will deteriorate the sunscreen before the amount of time it’s meant to protect for occurs. Choose a product you like and use it often!

Some brands we like include Invisible Zinc, Sun Bum, Coola, Hawaiian Tropic, and Neutrogena Beach Defense. No matter if you are learning to surf, or are a professional, sunscreen is an essential part of a surfer’s life.


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