The Benefits of Surfing and Yoga

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The Benefits of Surfing and Yoga

There could be quite a few parallels drawn between yoga and surfing. Both harness the mind body connection, focus on being in the moment, and that time where your brain just shuts off from it’s worries, and feels peace. Surfing is really all about being fully present in the moment. The mind-body connection, and the physical component of being strong and agile cross over well between the two activities.

The phrase ‘only a surfer knows the feeling’, could hold true in your yoga practice as well. The feeling of sitting out the back, spending hours in the ocean, the bliss that comes from being fully absorbed in nature without a worry in the world. Yoga seeks to cultivate this feeling everyday, on land.

Surfing can create poor posture, and overwork your muscles in one direction. A strong yoga practice can help counteract the repetitive strain of paddling, while stretching and strengthening your tired muscles. Yoga also develops a strong sense of balance and strength, which can only help you out in the water.

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Breathing, Core Strength and Balance

Yoga also encourages focus on your breath, and anyone who’s been out in the ocean getting tossed as if your in a washing machine, can relate to how learning how to stay calm and present in the moment can only benefit you. While you’re paddling your back is contracted for long periods of time, so any counteracting movements can help alleviate tension here and prevent injury.

Much of your power from surfing comes from your core, whether paddling or up on your feet. Having a strong core also helps to protect your back from injury or using the wrong muscles. With a strong core you’ll also alleviate pressure from your spine.

Learning to improve your balance on land can only improve your surfing once you’re out in the water. Yoga naturally improves your balance by leading you through postures where you’re forced to improve your balance while moving, which has great benefits once you get into the ocean.

Balance, breathing, and having strength and agility are some of the benefits of surfing, and yoga both separately. Combined together they work to help your surfing, mindset, and help protect you from injury while enjoying the ocean and feeling good in your body.


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