Kim Akrigg

Photographer, Surfer, Health and Wellbeing Enthusiast

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

Current Residence: Byron Bay, Australia

Social Media Handles: @kimakrigg

Personal Website:www.kimakrigg.com


Everyone’s lives are packed and busy these days. Everyone seems to be juggling 10 things at once, and always on the go, leading to being exhausted and drained. Like your fuel tank the quality of what you put in leads to what will come out, and keeping certain things in mind can help keep you on top of your game and feeling great with lots of energy.

  • Sleep. This is one that gets pushed to the side all too often, and while everyone’s amount of sleep they need can vary, generally 7-8 hours is necessary to keep you feeling good the next day. The quality of sleep you get, as well as the amount of sleep you get in before midnight has been shown to be important to feeling well rested as well.
  • Staying Hydrated. It seems simple and this one has been drilled into us over and over, but staying hydrated can keep away headaches, keep you feeling more awake, and help stop muscle aches.
  • Cut Down of Social Media. Studies have shown that endless hours scrolling doesn’t lead to you feeling happy or good, and can have a detrimental effect when it seems like everyone else is having the time of their lives while you’re not. Social interactions on social media don’t have the same effect in your brain as socialising face to face. So get off messenger and go see your friends in the real world!
  • Cut Out Sodium.  While in small doses sodium is important for functions in your body, most of us are getting too much of it from our food. There’s an endless array of spices and herbs which all bring their own benefits to your food, such as antioxidants, helping digestion, or reducing inflammation all while adding extra flavor to your food.
Nordic Hot Chocolate Recipe


  • Declutter. The more things you have physically, the more it weighs you down mentally. Take time to evaluate what you have and what you need, and consider giving some of it away if you feel you haven’t used it in a year. You won’t miss it, you’ll be helping someone else out, and having a clean area to live in will help have a clearer headspace.
  • Do Something Daily That Scares You. Getting out of your comfort zone regularly is a great way to build your confidence, learn something about yourself, and just grow in general. Even if it doesn’t work, you can hopefully take away something to try it better next time. It doesn’t have to be big, but consciously trying to step out of your comfort zone daily can teach you so many things.
  • Make Time for Yourself. If there’s no fuel in your tank, you can’t get anywhere, and the same is true for yourself. If you spend all your time burning the candle at both ends trying to get things done for other people, you’ll burn out and not get much done at all. Try and make time everyday for something purely for yourself, doing something you enjoy. Even if it’s just 30 minutes, take a walk, get outside, do something you love. Yourself and everyone else will only benefit.
  • Prioritize. Sometimes it seems like there’s so many things to do in a day it’s overwhelming with knowing where to start. Write a list, and try to get the biggest things out of the way first. Having something to physically cross off and chart your progress can help tasks seem more manageable, and make you feel more productive.
  • Move Daily. Even just 30 minutes of exercise can make a huge difference. Exercising releases endorphins, relieves stress, and encourages you to breathe. It can be as simple as trying to take the stairs instead of elevators, just going for a brisk walk on a lunch break, or just trying to fit a quick session in. Anything is better than nothing, and once you start it’s easier to keep going longer than you planned.
  • Practice Gratitude. Some days it seems like nothing really goes your way. It’s easy to get bogged down in thinking things are worse than they are, but if you can adjust your frame of mind to realize that things are happening for you, not to you. Try and get your brain into the habit of being grateful for the things you may have taken for granted since they’re there everyday. Once you get your mind on track of being grateful for the things you already have, instead of focusing on what isn’t working, can be enough to shift your mood entirely. Even if you can’t really seem to think of anything immediately, if you’re alive and breathing that alone is a huge gift that we can take for granted easily. If you’ve got money in your bank account, a job, a roof over your head, friends and family who love you, a healthy body, you’ve already got plenty to be grateful for.


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