Sam Sheffield

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Current Residence: Gold Coast, Australia

Social Media Handles: @sams86, @svnseasco

Background: Eternally trying to balance my life between being stuck behind a desk and spending time in and around the water.

Interests: Adventure sports because I’m supposedly no good at playing ball sports.

Personal Website: Founder of SVN Seas Adventure Co.

Hanna Scott, one of Canada’s top Female surfers, and her friends Tatum Monod and Sara Taylor, set out by boat to a remote location outside of Hanna’s home town Tofino, BC to explore the rugged wilderness in search of surf and escape. We experience the journey alongside the women as they playfully navigate the frigid waters and rugged conditions, in pursuit of the joy that lies on the other side of discomfort.

Music Credits: “Southbound” by Sal Kimber & The Rollin’ Wheel Permissions granted courtesy of Sal Kimber “Lion With Me” by Jenn Grant Permissions granted courtesy of Jenn Grant Music *All other music is original, created and performed by Louise Woodward




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