5 Best Surf Movies of All Time

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Our Top 5 Surf Movies

Undoubtedly, everyone has their top picks when it comes to surf movies. Some, we even cherish as childhood memories. Grab your laptop and check out our top 5 picks for the best surf movies of all time.


What’s not to like about a plot that involves surfers dressing up as dead presidents to rob banks so they can continue living the dream, job free? Things get interesting when you see just how far some of them will take it to maintain their freedom.

Blue Crush

We have to admit it, the dialogue and acting may fall a bit short. However, a film featuring female protagonists who surf ,and stunning visuals of the ocean, makes it worth a watch.

Soul Surfer

Based on real life surf legend Bethany Hamilton, this movie follows her shark attack from 2003. Her recovery is even more incredible as she returns to the water, minus one arm and continues to surf incredibly.

Surf movies

The Endless Summer

An iconic surf film, this surf documentary follows Mike Hynson and Robert August on the quest for the perfect wave. They find a then-unknown  break off Cape Francis in South Africa. A perfect snapshot of the adventure and camaraderie that accompanies surf adventures.

Morning of the Earth

This film romanticises the basically homeless, back to nature lifestyle of a few surfers. It will make you want to quit your job and set up camp on a beach, and this movie is credited with bringing the unparalleled perfection of Indonesia to the masses.


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