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Sam Sheffield

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Current Residence: Gold Coast, Australia

Social Media Handles: @sams86, @svnseasco

Background: Eternally trying to balance my life between being stuck behind a desk and spending time in and around the water.

Interests: Adventure sports because I’m supposedly no good at playing ball sports.

Personal Website:  Founder of SVN Seas Adventure Co.

About Us and SVN Seas

This isn’t a story of surfing; it’s a tale of the SVN Seas, and founded on the premise of being exceptionally lucky. Lucky for the privilege of living near the ocean, making me who I am, forging loyal friendships and helping me discover the woman I love.

But this luck is a paradox, because my past, present and hopefully my future will be the product of a series of unfortunate circumstances that lead my family to relocate to a small beach side location where I was properly introduced to surfing at an early age.

I feel as though I had a head start to a happy life due to surfing, the friendships I forged early on are life long and I have collected enough fond memories that I’m proud to not even be able to remember them all. Now, I have the ability to offer you the same gift and allow enthusiastic and experienced individuals a platform to pass it on.

The SVN (7) Seas name was borne from an idea; Inspiring you (our customer) to confidently surf and enjoy the lifestyle all around the world with others. We physically introduce you to a healthy, happy sport with kind skilled coaches who know how to help. Then we digitally enable you to further engage in the lifestyle, the adventure and discovery by allowing you to learn from and connect with experienced and skilled individuals all around the world. The point of this ever expanding ecosystem is to welcome anyone to a new lifestyle, more authentic adventures and not just a sport. Our digital ecosystem is providing passionate and knowledgeable individuals the opportunity to be proud of their skills, offer inspiration and all while showcasing their local area in a positive way.

Sam and Elin 2.0

A Lifetime of Adventure

Personally, Elin provided a large amount of inspiration as we got to know each other. As an 18 year old she moved from the North of the Northern Hemisphere to Australia in search of waves. I found this truly stunning for the simple fact that she had never surfed and lived much closer to the Greenland Sea than Greenmount Beach.

Since then, I have watched her grow in confidence, ability and like me; Elin found surfing a door way to other positive experiences and adventures. Over the last 4 years, with friends, we have travelled up and down the east coast on our holidays surfing different locations, spearfishing and hiking. New Zealand, Bali and Hawaii came after; these were new waters for Elin to surf, snorkel, sail and to generally test her ocean ability.

Sailing and Windsurfing in the Baltic Sea thanks to Elin and her parents really set things in motion. Their eagerness and enthusiasm to show me what they love to in the seas of the Northern Hemisphere further solidified my concept for SVN Seas.

Watching and helping someone experience something new and then grow; turning an adventure of a lifetime – into – a lifetime of adventure, is a great privilege that anyone can share in.

I hope that we can offer all of this to you; our new customers, as we welcome you to your new obsession.


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