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Take It Easy On The Zambezi, featuring Mikey February, Dylan Graves, and Harry Bryant, on what Graves calls the biggest adventure he’s ever taken in search of surf, deep into the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa.
There’s an old cliche about surfers, that there’s no limit to the length they’re willing to go in search of the perfect wave. But what does that even mean: The Perfect Wave? Like other perhaps more mature obsessions, there are niche fetishes. For some surfers, perfection’s a size thing: the bigger the better. For some, it’s length. The longer the more impressive. For others, it’s shape: the Aristotelian aesthetic dream. So what if we told you that there was dreamy, three-foot wave that broke for hours—days, even—deep in the African continent, which only appeared suddenly twice a year? And what if we regretfully inform you that this might be the very last time it appeared? That a massive dam project might bury the whole miracle a hundred meters under water as early as next year? Welcome to the Zambezi River. Don’t forget to pack your river quiver!










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